AGFC’s Spring Gobbler Hunting Survey
Spring turkey season is just around the corner, and AGFC is in the process of mailing out Spring Gobbler Hunter Survey booklets to hunters who have participated in past years of the survey.  About 250 hunters per year have collected and sent data on gobbling activity, turkey observations, harvest and comments on the spring seasons to AGFC, increasing our knowledge of hunter satisfaction and hunter success.  Participants currently include several NWTF state board members, chapter presidents and members scattered throughout the state.  More participants are needed to improve accuracy and to replace those who drop out over time.  NWTF members have a golden opportunity to assist with the survey as well as educate themselves on turkey management issues by collecting  and reporting information on turkeys hunts that they take both in-state and out-of-state.  A summary report is sent to all participants after the data are processed.
Survey booklets have been re-printed for the 2010 spring season and have been expanded to allow collection of data on pre-season scouting, harvested turkeys, and other parameters in addition to data from actual turkey hunts.  Pre-season scouting information will allow us to look at gobbling activity throughout the spring—not just during the hunting season.
NWTF members are encouraged to join the survey by contacting Mike Widner, AGFC Turkey Program Coordinator, at  Be sure to make it clear that you would like to participate in the Spring Gobbler Hunting Survey and provide a post office address where the survey booklet and survey decals can be sent.